Wura Movie Review [Nollywood] 2023

Check the Wura Movie review, one of the popular Nollywood Movies this year which you can watch on Showmax, Prime, Or Download from 9jarocks, FZ Movies.

Wura Movie, based on the South African telenovela series The River, follows the ambitious and vicious CEO of a gold mining company. If Nollywood producers have taught us anything, it is to be bold in trying diverse film genres.

Movie TitleMovie
CastScarlet Gomez, Carol King, Ray Adeka, Iremide Adeoye, Yomi Fash Lanso, Lanre Adediwura, Martha Ehinome, and Ego Iheanacho
Released Date
DirectorAdeola Osunkojo, Dimeji Ajibola, and Yemi Morafa

Last year, movies like Brotherhood, the psychological drama Diiche, and other indigenous films, like the smash Anikulapo, gave us a new perspective on how our tales are conveyed.

With the debut of Shantytown and Showmax’s latest original project, ‘Wura Movie‘ one can’t help but be thrilled for what the rest of the year has in store.

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About Wura Movie

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In the first flashback scene, Wura douses a tied-up lady, Tumininu Kuti (Martha Ehinome), in petrol before setting her flames. She then returns to her family. We travel back in time ten years to watch the Kutis enjoying themselves. Tumininu’s birthday has arrived, and the family’s head, Pa Olusegun Kuti (Ropo Ewenla), one of Wura’s laborers who also works as a peasant farmer, leaves for work, expecting to continue the celebration with his daughter when he returns in the evening.

Frontline Gold Mine is going bankrupt, and Wura is terrified about having to repay her investors. Her nephew Jeje (Ray Adeka) and son Lolu Adeleke (Iremide Adeoye) aid her in her administrative tasks over the corporation. It’s borderline pessimism for her, but as the arrowhead, she announces that some employees will be laid off. This does not happen, however, since Pa Kuti’s unexpected finding of gold saves Wura and the entire enterprise.

Pa Kuti seizes the chance, proposing to escort Wura to the river where the gold was discovered in exchange for her reversal of the retrenchment strategy. He also persuades his boss to orally agree to make the miner’s shares in the company and provide them with all of the benefits they have previously been promised. Wura has once again provided false consent.

Wura murders Pa Kuti in cold blood as he leads her to the river. Jeje is horrified by the incident but is unable to stop his aunt. Wura’s aim is for Pa Kuti’s death to be discovered but not as murder, allowing her to resurrect her firm without being at the mercy of a simple worker’s seemingly inevitable demands.

As fate would have it, Wura’s position gets more complicated than just a one-time murder when one of her gold-plated earrings goes missing, assumed to have been lost at the crime scene, contrary to her forecast. Jeje’s search for the earring is fruitless. Soon after, the Kutis learn of Pa Kuti’s death and are thrown into mourning. Pa Kuti’s coworkers grieve him as well, and while the family is in desperate need of finances for the burial, Wura steps in to help.

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Wura is suspicious of Tumininu the first time she comes to visit. Wura informs Jeje after Tumi has left, “She has a fire.” I don’t have it yet, but I feel this isn’t the last we’ll see of her.” Jeje’s expression does not agree, as he appears to be smitten by Tumi’s beauty. There is some foreshadowing: first, Tumi and Wura will clash; second, an amorous relationship will emerge between Jeje and Tumi.

Meanwhile, the gold earring has been discovered by mistake by Femi (Oluwaseyi Akinsola), son of Aunty Labake (Aweodein Adeola), Adeleke’s housemaid. Femi begins to keep eyes on the Adelekes and learns tidbits about Pa Kuti’s demise here and there. It also helps that the young man is Lolu’s lover. So it’s hardly surprising that Femi resorts to blackmailing Wura.

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What we don’t know at the end of episode five is what happens to Femi and the Adelekes’ turbulent relationship. Can Femi avoid making impulsive decisions that would cost him his life while intoxicated by the prospect of a better life? What are his prospects against the formidable Wura? Any indiscretion and another murder might be on the horizon.

Tilting to the genre of criminal thriller, Wura has started on a suspenseful note and seems promising to give stunning twists in subsequent episodes. There’s Mandy, Lolu’s girlfriend and a valuable asset to the Adelekes who seeks to gain favor from her father, the unnamed Chairman of the Mineral Resources and Environmental Management Committee.

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Mandy discovers a missing earring as Wura gets home from the river-turned-slaughterhouse. Mandy correctly suspects Femi is strange after her boyfriend introduces her to her. As we get into the season, we’ll see how Mandy takes shape and how much she’ll be involved in the plot. With the film hinting at the unusual nature of a gay relationship against the backdrop of Nigeria’s mostly conservative social reality, we can’t wait to see what Lolu’s parents and Femi’s mother think of the young men’s relationship when they finally meet.

Another question is how Tony would learn about his wife’s horrible crime and the dark side of her business. Only time will reveal the truth.

Wura Trailer


It was refreshing to watch a series that did not take place in Lagos. Finally, Nollywood producers are realising that there are over thirty cities and hundreds of towns where dramatic occurrences might take place.

The setting, albeit simple, made it familiar and, for some strange reason, impossible not to watch. First, there’s Pa Kuti’s house, which contributes to his presentation as an ordinary laborer; then there’s Wura’s mansion, which is truly breathtaking; and finally, there’s the mine. The producers made the most of the available space and produced the illusion of a real mine.

Camera angles and lighting also enhanced each scene and were expertly handled.

Congratulations to the casting director who took the risk of casting new actors. Seeing new faces was like a breath of fresh air. Scarlet Gomez shines as Wura, a harsh leader and loving mother.


In terms of scripting, there was more that could have been done. The discussions and actions “weren’t giving what they were supposed to give,” in the words of a typical Gen-Z. They were too bland and did not accurately portray how such folks would speak.

Another fault in this film is the delivery. While the actors appeared to be in character, their delivery could have been better. It was boring and lacking depth and emotion.

Watching this film may make you wonder how day and night work. The first scene shows Wura visiting Pa Kuti’s family; the following scene takes place on the same day when they are holding a burial ritual after complaining about a lack of funds. It simply does not add up.

Finally, there were numerous “show, don’t tell” moments. The writers depended on speech to take the plot ahead. If this was an attempt to make the episodes shorter, they failed miserably, as numerous sequences dragged on. For example, at the party scene, Yomi Fash Lanso spent almost two minutes discussing how delicious food tastes. Unnecessary.

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