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PDFDrive – In this century, we get a lot of knowledge by reading books. We can almost say; any knowledge and secrets come from books. And also, a book can satisfy you more than any other form of seeking knowledge, especially in our today’s world.

In the same way, a person can get into Book Marketing wherever he is in the world. Because, any society needs knowledge, especially modern ones. Book marketing is one of the biggest money-making businesses in the world (Amazon).

What Is PDFDive?

PDFDrive is a free search engine where you can explore and download free Ebooks online. All the books on PDFDrive are free and there is no limit for download. As of 2022, there are 85 Million ebooks on PDFDrive where you can get access and download them for free.

Furthermore, there are different categories of books that you can get from the site; Religion, Politics, Law, Science and Technology, Research, Biography, Business Career, Programming, Business, Cryptocurrency, Literature, and many more.

Pdfdrive Books Categories

There are special categories made for you where you can get access to any book you want easily, that is from the editor’s picks, tending books, and popular books. And also, you can also explore books from; Best books of the week, Books on finding your passion and purpose in Life, Parenting books to raise Grateful, Healthy, and Happy children, Books that will help you Love and accept yourself, Books that motivate you to take charge of your life and many others.

Is The Content Of PDFDrive Legal?

All the contents in PDFDrive are safe because there are no malicious or spammy links attached to the books. Thus, downloading books from PDFDrive is 99% safe and secure, with free ads and malicious or spam links.

Based on the disclaimer from PDFDrive, they don’t hold responsibility or any legal action against users for downloading content from the website. Accordingly, we can say that using the site to download books for free is illegal.

Furthermore, from research we had made, we found out that there are some authors who are complaining about the PDFDrive, which is uploading (crawling) their books to the site without their permission. Therefore, here we can also say that using PDFdrive is also not legal.

Are Books In Pdfdrive Legal Or Illegal

Three Of My Books Are Up There Without My Permission. They’ve Initiated Legal Action. So, It’s Not Legal. Very Little On The Internet Is “Free”, It Is Mostly Stolen. Download Only From Reputable Bookstores, Amazon At The Very Least. This Is Just A Pirate Site Cloaking Itself As A “Public Service”.

Cari – Stack Exchange

PDFDrive Alternatives

Here is the list of PDFDrive Alternatives which will help you discover more Ebooks online. We found these after short research on SemRush and Similar Web.

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Book Yards
  3. BookBoon
  4. Free Ebooks
  5. Internet Archives
  6. Many Books
  7. Book Net
  8. Hausa Cinema
  9. Open Library
  10. Online Programming Books
  11. PDF Coffee

Download Free Books From PDF Drive

Pdfdrive Com

As PDFDrive is the best place for downloading Ebooks on the internet. You can almost find everything you want apart from entertainment, education, and many more. Thus, you need to know how PDF Drive works and how to download free books from PDF Drive.

Thus, you can download a book from PDF Drive after choosing the category of book you want to download. And also, you can go directly to the search bar and start typing the title of the book you want to download. In this case, we are going to download a book from a business category.

There are two ways in which you can access PDFDrive.Com and download free books;

Download From Web

Downloading Ebooks on PDF Drive using visiting the web is the most simplest and popular way you can use to download books from PDFDDrive. To use or download using this way, you just need to go to the website address located at PDFDrive.Com and follow the downloading instructions below.

Download From App

Secondly, you can also download free Ebooks from PDFDrive.Com by using the mobile app. It’s simple and has a good interface and user experience. In addition, using the PDFDrive Apk will reduce your data usage.

How To Download Free Books On PDFDrive

Step #1: Goto PDFDrive.Com

You can access the main page or homepage by visiting The page will appear showing you easy navigation to get started.

Pdfdrive Homepage

Step #2: Find The Book You Want To Download

Secondly, you will find the book you want to download by searching for it from the navigation bar at the top of the page. And also, you can use the book’s author name or the category to find the book.

Businss Categories

Step #3: Check The Book Details

You can simply check the book’s details with a simple preview of the book. The preview contains the Title of the book, Author’s name, Date of publication, Number of pages, and size of the book.

100 Great Business Ideas Pdfdrive

Step #4: Choose The Book Format

Fourthly, after finding the book, the next thing is to choose the format you want to download the book. There are three available formats on PDFDrive while downloading a book, these are PDF, EPUB, And MOBI format. Thus, we recommend you download it in PDF format because it is the best and simple way you can read a book. Furthermore, if you don’t have a PDF Reader app, go here and download it for free (Download PDF Reader Apk).

Download Free Ebooks On Pdfdrive Com

Step #5: Save To Your Phone

Finally, after choosing the format, the book will automatically download on your phone. Then, use the PDF Reader Apk downloaded above and open it. And also, the PDF Apk is ad-free, and it’s free version.

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How Safe Is PDF Drive?

All the contents in PDFDrive are safe because there are no malicious or spammy links attached to the books. Thus, downloading books from PDFDrive is 99% safe and secure.

Can PDF Drive Be Trusted?

Yes, PDF Drive can be trusted because the site does not contain anything malicious or harmful. Therefore, you can trust PDF Drive to download free E-books online.

Will PDF Drive Give Me A Virus?

No, there is no virus on PDFDrive. All the books and files on PDF Drive are free from viruses, and there are no spammy links.

Is PDF Drive Free?

PDF Drive is free platform created for the purpose of downloading free books online. All the books on PDFDrive are free and there is no limited download.

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Last Verdict

In conclusion, we hope this article is useful in knowing what PDFDrive is, how it works, and its legitimacy. And also, we will continue to update information on How To Use the PDFDrive page at any time, to get more detailed information about it. If you have any questions about PDFDrive or more information, contact us or drop a comment using the comment box and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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