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Matan Kano WhatsApp Group Software Marketing

Matan Kano WhatsApp Group is created just now by African Software Developers. It is available and free for everyone to join. This is the marketing software of Matan Kano Hausa Whatsapp group.

If you want to join the groups just go down and enter the Join Now button. The software machine is created for those who are interested in learning new things about technology in Africa. But, only Hausa Language listeners can be able to join the group and participate in the programs.

Additionally, the software (platform) is created for those people who are really interested in technology ideas. Bringing change in the world of business and digital marketing. Furthermore, the name Matan Kano WhatsApp group for software marketing was generated by the CEO Maryam Yar Kano. A Lady from the African Software developers living in Kano, Nigeria.

Many people like you from African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and other countries, have created awesome software, like SMS marketing software, (some are free for newbie marketers. While some have premium parts), and digital marketing tools.

Matan Kano Whatsapp Group Software Marketing

Requirements Needed to Join The Matan Kano Sofware Marketing

These are the requirements needed to join the group and be one of the participants. Additionally, you can be part of the program to start developing your own software applications. Either for marketing, finance, education, support, or any other business of yours.

  1. Modern device (It can be a computer, tablet, android, Linux, IOs, Mac, or any other device),
  2. Good internet connection,
  3. Device privacy protection,
  4. The idea of HTML, JavaScript, and Python,
  5. Time, and
  6. Idea

By providing the above-mentioned pieces of stuff, you are now ready to be part of the participants.

About Matan Kano Software Marketing Group

Finally, the group or exercise is totally free. Therefore, you can join the group for free without any charges. Libya marketing, Ghana marketers, and Nigerian marketers can also be part of the program.

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