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Maher Zain Biography And Songs That You Need To Know Now

Maher Zain is a Swedish-Lebanese singer, songwriter, and music producer who has become a prominent figure in the world of Islamic music. He was born on July 16, 1981, in Tripoli, Lebanon, and grew up in Sweden. Maher Zain’s music is known for its inspiring and uplifting messages of hope, love, and peace, and has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world.

NameMaher Zain
Date of Birth16 July, 1981
Place of BirthTripoli, Lebanon
Phone NumberNot Working
ParentMaher Family
Net Worth$13 Million
EducationBSc Degree
Number of Songs23
Related ToHaris J Salam

Maher Zain Biography

Maher Zain Biography

Maher was an origin from Tripoli, Lebanon, and was born in 1981. His family moved to Sweden when he was eight years old. And he grew up in a musical household and was exposed to different genres of music from a young age.

Moreover, he started playing piano and writing songs when he was a teenager. Maher Zain also became interested in Islamic music and start performing at local events and festivals.


As far as his education is concerned, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Michigan in the United States. He also pursued a music career alongside his studies and eventually decided to pursue music full-time after graduation.


Maher Zain’s musical career began in 2009 when he signed with Awakening Records, a UK-based record label that specializes in Islamic music. His debut album, “Thank You Allah,” was an instant hit and quickly became one of the best-selling Islamic albums of all time. The album features a mix of English and Arabic songs and includes popular tracks such as “Insha Allah” and “Allahi Allah Kiya Karo.”

Maher Zain’s second album, “Forgive Me,” was released in 2012 and features a mix of English and Arabic songs. The album includes popular tracks such as “Number One For Me” and “Mawlaya.” Maher Zain’s third album, “One,” was released in 2016 and features a mix of English, Arabic, and Turkish songs. The album includes popular tracks such as “The Power” and “Ummati.”

Maher Zain’s music has had a profound impact on the Islamic music scene and has inspired countless people around the world. His uplifting messages of hope, peace, and love have resonated with listeners of all ages and backgrounds, and his popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

In addition to his music career, Maher Zain is also known for his philanthropic work. He has been involved in various charitable projects, including raising funds for the victims of the Syrian conflict and supporting education initiatives in Africa.

In conclusion, Maher Zain is a talented musician and a respected figure in the world of Islamic music. His music has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world and has inspired them to live a life of hope, love, and peace. With his continued success and philanthropic work, Maher Zain is sure to remain a prominent figure in the music industry for years to come.

Net Worth

In 2023, Maher Zain’s net worth is estimated to be around $13 million. He has earned his wealth through his successful music career, with his albums and singles selling millions of copies worldwide. He has also performed in many concerts and events around the world, which has contributed to his net worth. Additionally, he has worked on various collaborations and endorsements with companies, which has further added to his earnings.


He is married to Jihan Mousa and they have three children together – a son named Abdullah Maher Zain and two daughters named Aisha Maher Zain and Mayssa Maher Zain.


Maher Zain is known for his simple and humble lifestyle. Furthermore, He is a devout Muslim and his faith plays a significant role in his lifestyle choices. He has been vocal about his commitment to his religion and strives to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life.

Despite his success and wealth, he prefers to live a modest life and often donates a portion of his earnings to charity. He is also an advocate for social causes and has been involved in various charitable activities, including supporting education and healthcare initiatives in underprivileged communities.

In his free time, Maher enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading books, and traveling. He is also passionate about sports, especially football, and enjoys playing it whenever he gets the chance.

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