List Of Hausa Novels And Websites To Download For Free 2023

List of Hausa Novels, Writers, and Websites to Download

In this article, you will discover a list of popular Hausa novels to download and read for free. Also, we have provided you the list of Hausa novels and the new Hausa novels you may like to download and read from the Hausa novels downloading websites such as the Hausa Cinema, AI Hausa novels, Bankin Hausa Novels, My Novels, DL Hausa Novels, and many other sites.

All the novels provided in this article are completed, free, and highly recommendable to download and read by Hausa Cinema Novels. And also, the novels in the list are new Hausa novels (Sabbin Litattafan Hausa), complete Hausa novels in the document (PDF Hausa novels, TXT, DOC, DOCX, ePub, and other books readable extensions), and free books (no charges applies for any document).

First of all, Hausa novels are one of the popular categories of books written in the Hausa language, started in Nigeria by Hausa People (Hausa writers). Hausa Novels are written for the purposes of entertainment, information, education, and inspiration purposes.

In the past times, all novels were written in books (printed) called hard copy, but now that we have progressed in terms of science and technology; all the activities are moving to the internet (online).

Back to business, maybe you are finding it difficult to find the new Hausa novels or the most popular ones. Thus, as stated above we will help you discover the Best Hausa Novels to download and read on your phone (device) for free.

Top Hausa Novels (Popular Hausa Novels) 2023

These are the list of popular and trending Hausa novels recommended for you to download for free on your phone.

  1. Jiddatul Khair Hausa Novel
  2. Azima Da Aziza Macizai Ne Complete
  3. Macijine Shi Hausa Novel
  4. Saran Boye Hausa Novel
  5. Sakatariyata Hausa Novel
  6. Abdulmalik Bobo Hausa Novel
  7. Ciwon So (By Khadija Candy)
  8. Abnur (By Maimoon)
  9. Deen House (By Oum Hairan)
  10. Rainon Dawa (By Mammy Kabeer)
  11. Gidan Bariki (By Fareeda Basheer/Ummu Safwan)
  12. Rashin Uwane Sanadi
  13. Rayuwar Faheemah
  14. Yarima Ahmed (Maman Nurul Hudah)
  15. Sadakin Aure (Ummy Aysha)
  16. Daula Biyu Hausa Novel
  17. Wacece Yafi So Hausa Novel
  18. Gangar Jikinsa Na Aura Hausa Novel
  19. Wasa Farin Girki Hausa Novel
  20. Abin Cikin Kwai
  21. Rumaisa Hausa Novel
  22. Dare Da Duhu
  23. Heedayah Hausa Novel By Khaleesat Haiyder
  24. Kwarata Return (By Jamila Musa)
  25. Kufan Wuta (By Mahmughee)
  26. Maciji Ne Hausa Novel
  27. Tana Tare Dani
  28. Uncle Ne Hausa Novel
  29. Allura Cikin Ruwa Hausa Novel
  30. Abban Sojoji Hausa Novel

Romance Hausa Novels

These are the lists of romance Hausa novels or erotic ones (Batsa Hausa Novels). Please note that only married are allowed to read these types of novels;

  1. Jarababben Namiji Hausa Novel
  2. Gidan Uncle Hausa Novel
  3. Yar Dandi Ce Hausa Novel
  4. Sanadin Kunci Na Romance Book
  5. Ni Da Yar Gwamna Batsa Novel
  6. Kwarata Hausa Novel
  7. Kyawuna Jarabtata Batsa Novel
  8. Kwarata Hausa Novel

Litattafan Yaki Hausa Novels (War Hausa Novels)

Among the list of Hausa novels, this is the list of war Hausa novels (litattafan Hausa novels) to download and read for free on your phone.

  1. Fataucin Bayi (Mansur Sufi)
  2. A Wata Masarautar
  3. Sarkin Sarakai Hausa Novel
  4. Gidan Sarauta
  5. Muntaz (Maman Ahmad)
  6. Masarautarnmu Ce (Hajara Natty Girl)
  7. Wasikar Jini
  8. Magajin Wilfabbos

Old Hausa Novels (Tsoffin Litattafan Hausa)

This is the list of old Hausa novels (Tsoffin Litattafan Hausa) for you to read. And also, the novels are from famous Hausa novel writers like Abdulaziz M Gini, Fauziya D Sulaiman, Zuwairiya Adamu Girei, and many others. Moreover, some can be found online (soft copy), while some can only be found in bookshops (printed or hard copy). But, we provide some of them for your own need.

Kundin Tsatsuba Hausa Novel

Lists of Websites to Download Hausa Novels

Download Complete Hausa Novels, Documents, Audio Hausa Novels
Best And Complete Hausa Novels

These are the legit lists of websites where you can get and download free Hausa Novels on your phone.

DL Hausa Novels

DL Hausa Novels is one of the best and most popular Hausa novel websites where you can get and download Hausa novels for free. Additionally, the website (blog) provides complete Hausa novels document mostly in TXT formats.

My Novels

My Novels is the second of the best Hausa novels downloading websites in the world. MyNovels delivers hot and fresh Hausa novels in TXT or plain formats. Furthermore, the website also posts Hausa novels for readers to read online, it’s free!

Hausa Cinema Novels

Hausa Cinema Novels is a free downloading website, where you can get and download free Hausa novels in PDF formats. In addition, Hausa Cinema Novels delivers hot and updated novels from different Hausa writers over the world.

AI Hausa Novels

AI Hausa novels is among the Hausa novel downloading websites where you can read online, and also download to read offline. Likewise, AI Hausa novels is currently one of the popular Hausa novel document-downloading websites.

Bankin Hausa Novels

Bankin Hausa Novels is a free website where you can read Hausa novels online. Currently, the website is not providing Hausa novels in document format, but you can read free novels online.

AYS Novels

This is also among the top-rated websites to browse and download Hausa Novels for free. The site provides the latest and trending Hausa Novels from different Hausa writers for free.

Final Words

Finally, this are the free list of Hausa novels for you to download and read online. And also, all the novels listed in this article (post) are good for you to read. Therefore, we recommend choosing and downloading any of them. And also, we will keep updating the list every time for your needs. Thanks for being with Hausa Cinema, see you again on our Hausa Novel articles.

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