How To Transfer Airtime On MTN 2023 – You Need To Know Now

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In this article, you learn how to transfer airtime on MTN to other MTN numbers in just 1 minute for free. You will also see the MTN transfer code to another network. Let’s dive into the article!

Seeing the MTN Airtime transfer code is one of the hardest codes people find. That is why Hausa Cinema has decided to write an article to help people get it easier to transfer airtime from MTN to another line, titled How to transfer Airtime on MTN for free. So, if you are looking for a way to transfer airtime on MTN, this blog post will guide you 100%, and also, gives you some information about the MTN airtime transfer code which is the MTN Share and Sell code.

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What Is MTN Airtime Transfer

MTN airtime transfer is the process of transferring airtime from one line to another line. Officially, MTN Airtime transfer is called the ‘MTN Share’. And this service is enjoyed by millions of MTN Users. Many people are using the MTN Share N Sell for business purposes. While some are using it to share free airtime with their loved ones.

Additionally, you can only transfer airtime on MTN only if you’re on MTN Pulse, BetaTalk, TruTalk, and other MTN Tariff plans. That is, you cannot transfer or share airtime on MTN if you are on the Yafun-Yafun service. And also, the MTN airtime bonus cannot be transferred; you can only transfer your main airtime balance, not a bonus. The MTN airtime transfer code is *777#.

How To Transfer Airtime On MTN

How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn 2022 Mtn Airtime Transfer Code

Firstly, if you are sharing airtime on MTN for the first time, you must first change your airtime PIN transfer code before sharing airtime. But, do not use a simple transfer PIN, because it will be very easy for others to the guest. Use simple, and easily remembered numbers.

Secondly, the minimum airtime transfer on MTN is N50, and the maximum MTN airtime transfer is 5,000. Therefore, you cannot transfer any amount less than N50, and you cannot transfer any amount over N5,000.

Thirdly, there are four ways of transferring airtime to others. All the ways are legit and working 100% (The ways are mentioned below).

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How To Change MTN Airtime Transfer Code

It is very simple, to change your MTN airtime transfer code dial *600*OldPin*NewPin*NewPin# (Example, *600*0000*1234*1234#). The MTN default airtime transfer code is 0000.

Ways Of Sharing MTN Airtime

There are four ways to transfer airtime on MTN (Share MTN Airtime):

  1. Direct Airtime Share
  2. Indirect Airtime Share
  3. Message Airtime Share
  4. MyMTN App Airtime Share

Direct Airtime Share

Direct Airtime Sharing is the use of MTN Share codes to directly share an MTN airtime to other recipients easily. To use this method for sharing an MTN Airtime, dial *600*Receivers Phone Number*Amount*Password# Then send. The airtime will be directly sent to the recipient. For example, *600*08030020003*100*1234#.

Indirect Airtime Share

Indirect airtime sharing is the use of some long codes to share airtime on MTN. using this method or way will consume a lot of time for you. That is why only a few numbers of people are using this method of airtime share on MTN. To transfer airtime from MTN using this method, dial *777# then follow the command.

Message Airtime Share

Message airtime sharing is the use of the messaging system to transfer airtime to someone on MTN. 40% of people use this method for sharing airtime on MTN because it is a guaranteed and simple method, but it also took time. To use this method; Go to the message, Create a new message and write; The recipient’s phone number followed by the amount and then your PIN, then send the message to 777. It is free of charge, and no delay. For example, 08030020003 100 1234.

MyMTN Airtime Share

You can also use the MyMTN app to transfer MTN on airtime for free. This method is very simple and faster than the other ways. But, this method requires an internet connection to get access to MyMTN App or Website. To use this method, download MyMTN Apk or visit MyMTN Web.

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Final Words – MTN Airtime Transfer Code

Finally, this is what we have for you on How to Transfer MTN Airtime. If you have any questions about this article, please kindly ask your question in the comment box below, and we will get to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your support. You can also explore more articles on MTN.

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