How To Leave Canva Team [Ultimate Guide 2023]

How To Leave Canva Team

Maybe you are tired of being with the team or you are in many teams and you want to reduce their number. Or you joined the team to get Canva pro resources and later the subscription ended. And you are asking How to leave a team on Canva, and join another one. Thus, this article will show you how to leave Canva team in just a minute. How do I leave a team in Canva, or How to remove myself from a team on Canva.

Many people join the Canva team for different reasons. Some of the reasons include; Getting access to K, working together as a company, for a short-term project, or for building a business (Graphic design). But, for whatever reason, one day a person may request to leave the team. Maybe he stopped working with them, or something else. Therefore, at the end of this article, you will be able to leave Canva team on the app (on your phone).

As stated by the Company, ‘Leaving Canva team features isn’t yet done on your end. But if anyone wants to leave a team on Canva, he can directly look for the team administrator to remove him from the team’.

How To Leave A Team On Canva [Simple Steps]

How To Leave Canva Team

To leave a Canva team, these are the simple steps you need to follow and leave the team on Canva App.

Step #1 Switch To The Team You Want To Leave

Leave A Canva Team

Firstly, if you are on two or more teams, you need to switch to the team you want to leave first. You can do that by Going to Canva Main menu, scrolling down, and choosing the team. The team will be selected and switched within a few seconds.

Step #2: Go To Team Settings

How To Leave A Canva Team

Secondly, from the menu again, go to the settings. In the team setting, you will see all the names of the team containing team details, as well as the people. You will also find the group description, background image, and the number of members in the team, but that doesn’t matter.

Step #3: Click On The People Option

How To Leave A Team On Canva

From the settings, you’ll see a people option in the second list. Then, click on it. As you can see from the image above, Click on the ‘All roles’ option, and select ‘Administrator‘.

Step #4: Pick The Administrator’s Email Address

Canva Administrator

After finding the Administrator, you will see an email address. Just use that email address and sent him a request as shown in step 5.

Step #5: Send An Email Request

Finally, after finding the email address, go to your email and write this message;
Hi, I have been on your Canva team and got added by clicking the link. Can you please remove me from the team?

Here is my Email ID: [email protected]


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Final Thoughts On How To Leave A Canva Team

Finally, I hope this article has covered everything for you on How to leave a Canva team? Thus, you can now leave the Canva team on the app or use a browser. And also, if you have any questions or any other inquiries. Please feel free to drop them in the comment section provided below.

In conclusion, if you are not using Canva pro, here is an invitation from us to Join Canva Pro Team for free.

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