How To Check Your NECO Result 2023 – Ultimate Guide

In this article, you will learn how to check your NECO result in 2023. In addition to this, you will also discover the NECO result release date for 2023. Thus, if you are here to check a NECO result or want to know some information about the release date, this article will guide you. Thus, you just need to read from the first to the end, let’s dive into the article…

Firstly, after writing for NECO in the June/July of 2023, the second thing a candidate should do is to wait for a result. After writing for NECO exams, it sometimes takes 2-3 months before the result should be out. Thus, while waiting for the result candidate always receive fake news from other people informing them that the result is out. But the actual truth is not yet released, you just need to wait and hear from the NECO official.

How To Check NECO Result 2023

To check your NECO result in 2023 you must first have your ID or registration number, then follow these steps:

Step #1: Use Mobile/PC Device

To check your NECO result, the first thing you need is your phone. But it depends on where you want to check the result. Thus, you can use any device (Apple, Linux, iOS, Android, Computer, or Tablet) to check your NECO result. Just ensure that your device has an accurate internet connection.

Note:  You might experience slow and errors when you have a low processor device. Therefore, I recommend you to use a faster device.

Step #1: Visit NECO Official Website

Secondly, visit the NECO result checker website which was provided by NECO. You might be confused when searching for the name on Google as a result, different websites will appear as the NECO result checking site. Thus, to avoid confusion the address of the NECO result-checking website is located at

Step #3: Sign In or Sign Up

Neco Login

To check your result on the NECO result checker site you need to log in to your account or register a new one. That’s not compulsory, but to save your result, buy a PIN and buy more NECO tokens, you need to be a user by signing up with your email address and phone number.

Step #4: NECO Dashboard

Neco Dashboard Purchase Token Token Available Active Exhausted Tokens

After accessing the NECO dashboard by logging in, you’ll see an option in the dashboard ‘Check Result’. Then, you’ll be redirected to a field where you can input your registration number (E.g. 3672449477HG), Examination type (JUN/JUL), Examination year (2023), and finally PIN. Then click on the submit button.

Step #5 Saving and Printing Your Result

Neco Result Checker
NECO Result Checker

Finally, after entering the details (cross-check after entry to avoid errors) your good result will pop up. You can download the result to save it in PDF format or print it directly (a printer is involved).

Note: I recommend you to save your NECO result on your phone and save it on your Email account too. This will help you fill out online applications, and keep your result for a long time.

How To Buy NECO PIN (Token) 2023

If you are among the NECO candidates of 2023 and want to buy a PIN or purchase a token for NECO you need to follow these steps:

Step #1 Get Bank Account

Firstly, get a bank account with not less than N1,000 in the account. And also, ensure that you have an ATM card for the account (if possible master card will be the best for this). There are seven ways for payment, only one way requires an ATM card. Thus, an ATM card is not compulsory, but using an ATM card is the fastest way to make a purchase of an item online. Feel free because it’s guaranteed and secured.

Step #2: Log In to NECO Result Checker Account

Neco Scratch Card
NECO Scratch Card

Secondly, you need to log in to your NECO account located at The dashboard will display a list of menus including the ‘Purchase Token’ option, click on it.

As you can see, you’ll be asked to enter the number of tokens you wish to purchase. Put the number and proceed.

Step #3: Confirm Your Details

Thirdly, you will be directed to a new page where you will confirm your details (Amount, RRR, Name, Email, and Phone Number). Finally, clicking the pay button will take you directly to the payment page.

Step #4: Choose a Payment Method

You need to choose a payment method before proceeding. But, in some cases this option will not be displayed for you, it will just take you directly to the payment modal using an ATM.

If you don’t have an ATM card or are not interested or just not feeling safe using the ATM then you can click the ‘Other Payments Methods’ option to change. As recently stated, there are seven ways you can use other than using the ATM card.

Step #5: Finalizing the Payment

After choosing the payment method and you’ve done with the payment. Finally, you will receive a debit alert from your bank. From the browser you are using, it will redirect you back to the NECO Result Checking dashboard. And also, you will receive your invoice payment receipt in the email you registered with the NECO account which you confirmed above.

NECO Result Release Date

The NECO Results for 2023 have already been released on 28th September 2023. Thus, all the NECO Candidates will now check their results using their registration number/code.

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Final Thoughts on How to Check Your NECO Result

This is all I have for you in the article ‘How to Check Your NECO Result 2023, How to Buy NECO Result PIN. If you have any questions or additional information regarding this article, let me know in the comment box provided below. In conclusion, you will also learn How to make money on Facebook 2023.

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