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Best Hausa Radio Stations In 2023 [You Need To Know Now]

Are You Looking For The Best Radio And TV Stations In The Hausa Language? This Article Will Cover The Popular Hausa Television And Radio Stations In Africa and Other Parts of the Hausa Community Over the World. Thus, You Need To Read From The Beginning To And End. And Also, We Have Listed The Stations (Channels) Based On Popularity And Reviews From Hausa Audience.

Best Hausa Radio Stations

BBC Hausa

From the list of the best Hausa radio stations in the world, BBC Hausa is the top-rated Hausa radio station all over the world. In addition, the station is the most popular and most listenable Hausa station since the 1950s. BBC Hausa radio station is one of the most popular for over forty years ago. In addition, the BBC Hausa channel has won many awards. Currently, there is no Hausa channel that has reached BBC Hausa’s reputation, popularity, and programs.

BBC Hausa is based on BBC, which is mainly located in London. BBC is the largest media company (broadcasting) in the world. In addition, it has different branches that broadcast its programs, especially here in Africa.

DW Hausa

DW Hausa is the second of the best and top-rated Hausa radio station in the world. DW broadcaster which is controlled by the German Government has won many awards. In addition, DW (which means Deutsche Welle) broadcasts in 32 major languages worldwide. Among the languages they are broadcasting are; Hausa, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Chinese, Italian, and others.

RFI Hausa

Radio Faransa International Hausa is also among the best and most popular Hausa Radio Stations in the world. The station RFI Hausa is mostly used by French countries in Africa (where Hausa people lived) like Niger and many more. Furthermore, the station is owned by France government (France Médias Monde).

RFI broadcast its programs in different languages including the Hausa language. In addition, RFI is broadcasting its programs in 12 different languages around the world. Currently, RFI has more than fifty million listeners around the world.

VOA Hausa

VOA Hausa channel is very popular in Hausa. VOA Hausa is one of the main channels that broadcast news in the Hausa language. In addition, it is one of the most popular channels in the world. VOA broadcasting network is owned by the United States and it broadcasts programs in more than forty different languages around the world.

CRI Hausa

China has also contributed to the promotion of media and broadcasting activities around the world. Through the creation of CRI, China has created radio stations in different languages around the world. Among the languages, there is Hausa, which is one of the biggest radio stations in Hausa countries.

Liberty Radio

Like BBC Hausa and other big broadcasting stations, Liberty Radio is also one of the broadcasting stations that contribute to broadcasting activities, especially for African countries. Liberty Radio is headquartered in London, England. The Hausa Radio Stations include; Liberty Radio Kano 103.3, Liberty Radio 91.7 FM Kaduna, and Liberty Radio 103.3 FM Abuja.

FRCN Hausa Kaduna

Best Radio And Television Broadcasting Stations

FRCN Hausa Kaduna is one of the main channels that broadcast programs in the Hausa language. The radio station which is under the control of the Nigerian government has been popular for more than twenty years. In addition, FRCN Hausa station in Kaduna has won many awards.

Freedom Radio Nigeria

Freedom Radio is one of the best Hausa radio stations in 2023. The station which is founded in 2003 by Dalhatu Family is headquartered in Kano State, Nothern Nigeria.

The radio station has gained a reputation as a result of its attractive programs. In addition, the workers focused on improving their work on the internet, that’s why it became more famous across Africa and the whole world. Freedom Radio has three radio stations (branches) in different states which are; Freedom Radio Kano, Freedom Radio Kaduna, and Freedom Radio Dutse.

Dala FM Kano

Dala FM 88.5 is one of the leading Hausa stations in Africa and around the world. The channel provides quality programs related to Hausa culture, Hausa people, Hausa programs, and Hausa news.

Dala FM, which has its headquarters in Kano, is famous as a result of the professional staff they have acquired. They have promoted the station by promoting pages on the web and positioning it as an online radio station.

Aminci Radio

Aminci Radio 103.9 FM is a Hausa broadcasting station located in Kano. The station is among the best and most popular Hausa radio stations.

Radio Gotel Yola

Radio Gotel was founded by the former vice president of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar. It is one of the most popular and most listenable stations in Africa and some other parts of the world. In addition, the station has both FM and AM sections. However, the station did not focus on the Hausa program in general.

Nagarta Radio

Tashar Yanci Kaduna

Fasaha Radio Online

Guarantee Radio 94.7 Kano

Arewa Radio 93.1

Rahama Radio 97.3 Kano

Express Radio

Nas FM Yola 89.9

Dabo FM Kano

Hausa Tv And Radio Stations

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