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Hausa Language Alphabets You Need To Know Now

Alphabets, Words, And Sounds In Hausa Language

Hausa Language Alphabets and Words You Need To Know

Hausa Language One Of The Most Popular Languages In The World, Do You Want To Learn Hausa? These Hausa Language Alphabets, Words, And Sound Will Help You Today.

The Hausa Language is one of the popular Languages in Africa, and also, it’s among the top 50 popular languages in the world. Furthermore, the Hausa language has come from Northern Nigeria, one of the main places in Africa, with different peoples, ethics, and cultures.  In addition, the Hausa language has over 25 million populations (speakers) worldwide. In short, the Hausa Language is one of the major languages in the world.

For academic students, teachers, lecturers, and researchers, this article will help you a lot to know more about the Hausa Language, let’s dive in.

Alphabets in the Hausa LanguageAlphabets In Hausa Language

Just as every language has its own alphabet, also, Hausa Language has its own unique alphabet that people use in everyday life. Knowing these alphabets will be very helpful for anyone in understanding the Hausa language. And also, these alphabets are very similar to the ones you know in English (there are only a few differences), so they will not be difficult for you to understand, don’t bother.

There are 26 alphabets in the Hausa Language, but some of the alphabets are changed with the English alphabets. And also, there are some alphabets that are not there in English alphabets.


In the next step, you need to know, that these are the letters that do not exist in English, but are available in the Hausa Language alphabets:

Ɓ, Ɗ, Ƙ, and Ƴ

Afterward, these are the letters that do not exist in the Hausa Language (they are omitted), but they are available in the English Language and other popular languages over the world:

P, Q, V, and X

Accordingly, the Hausa Language is not using P, Q, V, and X letters in speech, writing and others. So, as a Hausa writer, actor, speaker, student, or researcher you should note all these to avoid writing or speaking errors in Hausa. In contrast, many people, especially the Hausa writers, do not consider these important points. You can therefore, refine your Hausa Language knowledge (speech) by knowing and using these letters effectively.

Words in Hausa Language

It is a well-known fact that each language has its own words, which are different from the other languages. Hausa Language too, has its own special words that are used in daily conversation, writing, proverbs and so on.  There are some words that I can give you that will help you to learn the Hausa language easily.

Truly, these words are widely used in the Hausa Language, and are very important to know them now. Especially for those people interested in learning Hausa Language (for beginners).

The Two Letter Words in Hausa Language

These are the two letters words you need to know in Hausa language with their translations to English Language.

Hausa Language Translation to English
Zo Come
So Like
Ni I
Mu We
Bi Follow
Ja Red
A’a No
Eh Yes
Ɗa Son
Da And
Fi More
Ke You (Female)
Ku You (Many People)
Me What?
Sa Put
Ji Listen
Mu We
Wa Who?
Ka You (When Giving a Command)
Ƙi Hate

Three Latter Words in Hausa Language

There are many three words in Hausa language, but based on what I have mentioned above they are very important to know them now. So let’s see the three letter words in Hausa with English translation.

Hausa Language Translation to English
Kai Head
Kai You
Rai Life
Zai He Will
Zan I Will
Mai Oil
Cin Eating
Can There
Duk Any
Iya Can
Jin Hearing
Ƙin Hating
Uku Three
Sha Drink
Ido Eye
Shi He
Ita She
Har Till
Bar Leave
Ina Where
Nan Here
Iri Type
Iri Seed (In Agriculture)
Iko Control

Surprisingly, there are secret words among these you need to know. Between some of the three letters words and two letters words. If you notice in the above tables, you will see some of the two letters words, I have repeatedly brought them in to three letters words (that is, they have become three letters words with just a slight changes). These words are present simple tense when they are in two letters words, and they became present participle when they are in three letters words.


Ji – Hear, and when we add ‘N’ at the end, it will become three letters words, Jin – Hearing.

Ci – Eat, and when we add ‘N’ at the end, similarly, it will become three letters words, Cin – Eating.

Bi – Follow, similarly, when we add ‘N’ at the end, it will give us three letters words, Bin – Following.

Ƙi – Hate, when we add letter ‘N’ at the end of it, it will become a three letters words, Ƙin – Hating.

So accordingly, you will learn and understand the Basic words in Hausa languages.

Special Alphabets Used in Hausa Language with Pronunciations

Hausa Special Characters

There are some special words used in Hausa to make a complete sentence. Additionally, these letters are only used in the Hausa language. And also, these words are not part of the Hausa alphabets, they served as special characters in the language. Basically, they are used to build some words in the Hausa Language.

  1. Ts
  2. Ky
  3. Ƙy
  4. Kw
  5. Gw
  6. Gy

Ts – Pronunciation

This is the most popular special character used in Hausa. And also, the character contains a lot of words, and it’s pronounced as ‘Tsah’. Examples of words, Tsamiya, Tsutsa, Tsatsa, Tsiya, Tsintsiya, Tsafta, Tsarki, Tsarni, Tsani, Tsokana, Tsiko, and many of them.

Ky – Pronunciation

This character is one of the Hausa language characters, and it is pronounced as ‘Kyah’ in Hausa.  Additionally, it contains a lot of words used in the language. Example includes Kyau (Beauty), Kyauta (Free), Kyakkyawa (Beautiful), Kyari (Name), and many more.

Ky – Pronunciation

This character is a mixed of K and Y pronounced in Hausa as ‘Ƙiyah’. It also contains words like, Ƙyama, Ƙyanda, Ƙyashi, Ƙyasawa and many other words.

Kw – Pronunciation

This special character is also used in Hausa language, and it’s among the most popular used ones. Additionally, it’s pronounced as ‘Khwa’, in English Qua. For example, Kwadayi, Kwado, Kwantai, Kwaya, Kwaro, Kwansa, Kwarto, Kwar-Kwatsa, Kwalli, Kwalba, Kwallo, and so on.

Gw – Pronunciation

This character is pronounced as ‘Gwah’, and it’s part of the Hausa special characters. Examples of words pronounced with ‘Gw’ includes, Gwiwa (Elbow), Gwanda, Gwaba, Gwabi, and many more.

Gy – Pronunciation

The word ‘Gy’ is pronounced as ‘Gyah’ in Hausa language. Additionally, it contains an lot of words under it. Example, Gyara, Gyada, Gyatsa, Gyadi, Gyambo, Gyande, and many more.

Making a Sentence in Hausa Language

After learning the Hausa alphabets, it is good to know how the letters are used to compose sentences in Hausa language. Undeniably, making or creating sentences in Hausa is very easy, you just need to wait and understand the secrets. Furthermore, you can use the words in our table to make your own sentences now. In conclusion, you can also take the following examples and practice on your own;

I am From Florida – Ni Daga Florida Nake

I am Here For You – Nazo Nan Saaboda Kai

I Need Your Assistance –Ina Buƙatar Taimakonka

I am On My Way Next Week – Ina Kan Hanyata Mako Mai Zuwa

I Want To Join Your Team – Inason Shiga Ƙungiyarku

Finally, I hope everyone who reads this has gotten the knowledge I have shared. Keep it on, I will be updating this article every week, for better experience. You can also find more articles which I published about Hausa Language education.

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