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Masarautarmu Ce Hausa Novel

Full Name: Masarautarmu Ce
Author: Mammy Natty Girl
Published Date: June 2022
Story Type: Fictional
Author’s Group: Fantastics Start Writers (FSW)
Total Pages: 100
Total Words: 66,706
Novel Genre: Love
File Size: 1.38MB
File Format: PDF

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Masarautarmu Ce Hausa Novel Information (Details)

Masarautarmu Ce is among the top 10 popular Hausa Novels in Africa, with over 200,000+ fans (readers) over the world. Additionally, the novel was written in the year 2019, by Hajara Muhammad Falalu, professionally known as Mammy Natty Girl. And also, she is the founder of Fantastics Start Writers (FSW).
The novel Masarautarmu Ce was written in the Hausa language, the title means ‘Our Kingdom’. Masarautatmuce Hausa’s novel story is a fictional story, based on love, adventure, and sacrifice.

Masarautarmu Ce Hausa’s novel is available on Hausa Cinema, and it is free for everyone to download. You can now get and download the free document in PDF format below this post. You will enjoy reading this book because it covers a wide range of topics about royalty and love life.

How To Masarautarmu Ce Hausa Novel

If you want to download Masarautarmu Ce Hausa novel or any other novels on Hausa Cinema, you need to carefully follow the following steps:

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Secondly, read the Masarautarmu Ce File information (listed above) if it’s compatible with your device, then scroll down to the end of this post, and click on the Download Now button.

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