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Labarina Series Season 5 Episode 1 – Download Free Video

Download Labarina Series Season 5 Episode One Full Movie

Download Labarina Series Season 5 Episode 1

This article contains the video of Labarina Series Season 5 Episode 1 which is directed by Aminu Saira and also produced by Saira Movies. You can now download Labarina Season 5 episode 1 video for free on Hausa Cinema. As many people are looking for the file to download, Hausa Cinema has now brought you a free Mp4 (Video) file to download free on your phone. Thus, you can now download Labarina Series Season 5 Episode 1 free on your phone for free. Additionally, you can also learn How to download Labarina series below the article.

To explore more you can check the Labarina Series videos to download for free on your phone.

Video Title Labarina Season 5 Episode 1
Director Aminu Saira
Producer Saira Movies
Video Duration  1:33:28
Released Date September 2022
Language Hausa Language, English Language
Subtitle English Language
Video Format Mp4, Mpeg
Category Love, Relationship


Labarina Season 5 Episode 1

Furthermore, you cannot only download Labarina Season 5 Episode 1, but you can also play it and watch it offline. But, we recommend you download the file directly to your phone to avoid network issues or data waste. Labarina Series download season 5 videos for free by Aminu Saira, showing on Arewa24 weekly.

Labarina Series Season 5 Episode 1 was released on 2 September 2022 on the popular video platform YouTube. After going for a long break since April, they are finally returned with another season containing new characters (Faces) and style.

After changing the popular actress Nafisat Abudllahi (Sumayya Labarina) with Fati Washa, many people are complaining about the issue. As a result, Labarina Series Season 5 has lost some of the viewers (fans).

Labarina Series

Download Labarina Series

Labarina Series is a Hausa series film about 4 men who fall in love with a beautiful black beauty lady from a poor family (Sumayya).

The Labarina series movie is all about love and sacrifice, and relationships. And also, the movie is among the top ten Hausa movies from the Kannywood industry record. The film (series) is among the popular Hausa movies in some parts of the world like Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and other places where Hausa people lived. Labarina was first production of Arewa24 and later turned back to Saira Movies.

Furthermore, the Labarina series is currently showing on YouTube every Friday by 8:30 PM and the Channel Arewa24 by 9:00 PM every Friday.

How To Download Labarina Series

If you want to download Labarina Series on your phone; you just need to have an accurate device with enough RAM, storage, and active data connection, and then follow these steps:

Firstly, to download the Labarina series, go and search for Hausa cinema videos on Google. This will take you to the Hausa Cinema‘s latest video page where you can download free Hausa videos on your phone. Furthermore, the page contains unlimited Kannywood movies, especially popular ones.

Secondly, go to the search bar, and type the name of the video or series you want to download. The video will automatically appear then click on it.

Thirdly, it will get you to the download page on Hausa Cinema, like this one where you can see the download button, file information containing the title, producer, released date, video language, and many more. And also, if you want to know about the video then you need to read the video information and instructions for download (recommendable).

Finally, after clicking on the download button, it will take you to the download page as you can see in this image, where you can choose the quality of video you want. If you are using an android, PC, or any updated device we recommend you to download the 720p or 320p format. But if you want a very high-quality video, then you can download 1020p format or some of the other HD formats.

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Labarina Series Starring

These are the characters or actors and actresses who appeared in the Labarina series, their full names, and the given names in the movie. Furthermore, most of them are part of popular and famous actors/actresses in the Kannywood industry.

  1. Fati Washa – Sumayya
  2. Isah Adam – Presdo
  3. Yusuf Sasen – Lukman
  4. Rabiu Rikadawa – Baba Dan Audu
  5. Bado Waziri – Baba Rabi’u
  6. Hadiza Muhammad – Umma
  7. Tijjani Faraga – Alhaji Dan Gaske
  8. Naziru M Ahmad – Sarkin Waka
  9. Saratu Gidado (Daso) – Hajiya Babba
  10. Teema Yola – Rukayya
  11. Ibrahim Bala – Umar
  12. Ummi Karama – Ummi
  13. Ummi Hayu – Sa’a
  14. Daddy Hikima – Jogodu
  15. Aliartwork – Eze

Download Labarina Season 5 Episode 1 Video


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