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The world of Hausa Novels is always improving every day. Research from Hausa Cinema shows that more than a thousand books are written every year. In addition, the number of authors of Hausa Books is increasing rapidly. With the help of major social networking sites like Facebook, writers gain followers and supporters in no time.

In some ways, now the writers are getting income easily unlike in previous years. In addition, there are sites where writers publish books and earn money, which is a source of income for them. In this article, we’ll discover the ways and sites you can get and Download complete Hausa novels.

There are many websites where you can get free Hausa Novels, these are Some of the websites you can download free Hausa Novels From; are Hausa Cinema, MyNovels, Taskar Novels, and AI Hausa Novels.

There are many Hausa novels on Wattpad. And also, many popular Hausa writers published free novels on the platform. You Can Get Free Hausa Novels On Wattpad, But You Must Firstly Have To Purchase the Premium Wattpad Application, (To Read Other Books). Moreover, If You Don’t Have The Money To Purchase The Premium App, we Have The Premium With Me. Just Contact Us To Get It.

Hausa Novels By Bilyn Abdul

Bilyn Abdul is one of the popular Hausa novels writers, with a high number of followers and fans. Additionally, Billyn Abdul has written more than 20 interesting novels

This Are The List Of Hausa Novels Written By Billyn Abdul, Download For Free:

  1. Bilyn Abdul Saran Boye
  2. Abdulmalik Bobo
  3. Ban Saketa Ba
  4. Raina Kama
  5. Kwai Cikin Kaya

Hausa Novels By Abdul Alhaji Musa

Abdul Alhaji Musa, professionally known as Abdul10K, is one of the most popular, talented, and upcoming Hausa novels writers.

Here are some of his popular novels in 2024;

  1. Siddabaru
  2. Waye Silah
  3. Meenah (Hausa Novel Series)
  4. Kofar Ajali
  5. Ruhi Biyu
  6. Awanni Casa’in
  7. Raees And Najmah


Hausa Novels By Khaleesat Haiydar

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