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Dan Musa Ft Ado Gwanja – Kantun Ghana – Download Now

Baka Bani Ban Baka To Fushin Na Menene?

Dan Musa Ft Ado Gwanja Kantun Gana – Download Now

Download Kantun Gana, Kantun Ghana Mp3, Dan Musa Ft Ado Gwanja Kantun Ghana, Hausa Cinema Music Download Now Wakar Baka Bani Ban Baka, Ashe Zaman Duniya Iyawa Ne.

Dan Musa New Prince has released a new song titled ‘Kantun Ghana’ featuring Ado Gwanja. The song Kantun Gana has become popular on Tik-Tok after releasing it. Furthermore, Kantun Ghana is an entertaining song by Dan Musa and Ado Gwanja. They released it together to enlighten the public about people’s anger towards their loved ones. Moreover, as you popularly know, Dan Musa was famous for his enlightenment and educational songs. That’s why he arranged this one with his co-worker Ado Gwanja.

Kantun Ghana Lyrics – Baka Bani Ban Baka

Dan Musa Ft Ado Gwanja Kantun Ghana Download Kantun Ghana

Mai Kare Kama Karenka, Karka Kyaleshi Yaje Ya Doshi Bakin Kura.
Baka Bani Baka To Fushin Na Menene,
Ashe Zaman Duniya Iyawane.
Ni Nafison Inga Yar Fulani Na Kiwo,
Kuma Nafiso Inga Yar Fura Cikin Nono,
Ni Nafison Naga Anfito Ana Yawo,
Kuma Nafiso Naga Dan Biri Yana Lilo.

Kantun Ghana File Information

File Name: Dan Musa Ft Ado Gwanja – Kantun Ghana
Title: Kantun Ghana
Artist: Dan Musa, Ado Gwanja
Genre: Hausa Music
File Size: 5.17 MB
Upload Date: June 2022
Version: Latest
Keywords: Kantun Ghana, Kantun Gana, Baka Bani Ban Baka

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