Aminu Saira

Aminu M Ahmad popularly known as Aminu Saira is a Hausa actor, director, producer, and writer. Aminu Saira is one of the greatest people in Kannyywood who contributed to the film industry in Nigeria. In addition, he is currently the top-rated director in the Hausa Cinema industry.

Aminu Saira was born in Kano, Gwammaja local government area. He was born in Kano and grew up in Kano with his brothers who are also acting in Kannywood (Naziru Sarkin Waka and Musbahu M Ahmad). Moreover, He studied at Aminu Kano College of Islamic and Legal Studies, Kano, Nigeria. He started a business and later moved to the film industry in 2006.

His star started to shine in the year 2009 to 2010 after some films he directed Jamila da Jamilu and Ga Duhu Da Haske. Mallam Aminu Saira did not stop there, he continued directing famous movies that won him many awards in the film industry.

Date of BirthApril 1979
Place of BirthGwammaja, Kano
TitleAminu Saira
OccupationFilm Production
Relationship StatusMarried
Phone NumberCall Now
ParentMuhammad (Father)
Net Worth$68,000 (N30,000,000)
EducationArabic Education
ContactInstagram, Facebook
Related ToNaziru Sarkin Waka

Aminu Saira Biography

Aminu Saira Biography

Aminu Saira was born in 1979 in the month of April in Gwammaja town in Kano state. Aminu Saira has brothers in Kannywood who are Naziru Sarkin Waka and Musbahu M Ahmad. Apart from these, the actor has some blood relatives in the Kannywood industry.

Aminu Saira has one wife and three children. His two sons are Ahmad Aminu Saira and Abdullahi Aminu Saira, one of his children is a female named Amatullah.


As everyone knows, Aminu Saira is one of the notable people in Kannywood since almost twenty years ago. And also, in his career, he received awards from different companies, places, and people. Because of his experience in directing movies, people always want to watch his movies. He does not include nonsense, obscenity, or things that are against religion and culture in his film. That’s why he always gets glory and blessings from people no matter where he is.

In our deep investigation, we found out that Aminu Saira never had a problem with any of his business partners. From the beginning of his entry into Kannywood until now, he has never been fighting against anyone. Moreover, he is one of the people who are not more insulted in the Kannywood industry.

Currently, the actor is directing a popular film of the Labarina Series, which has become more popular worldwide. Until now, there is no other movie that has reached the popularity and acceptance of the Labarina Series.
The film Labarina Series is currently owned by Saira Movies, which was previously owned by Arewa24.

Aminu Saira Net Worth

In 2022, Kannywood director Aminu Saira’s net worth is estimated to be $68,000. His sources of wealth are listed as Directing, Advertising, and film production.

Aminu Saira Photos

Aminu Saira
Aminu Saira
Aminu Muhammad Ahmad
Aminu Muhammad Ahmad
Aminu Saira Family
Aminu Saira Family
Director Aminu Saira
Director Aminu Saira

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