Free Airtel Night Plan Code Subscription 2023 – Read Now

Airtel Night Plan (Browsing) is one of the best plans people used to enjoy data offers at Night. The Airtel night browsing plan is available from 12 AM to 5 AM daily. The Airtel night browsing subscription allows you to buy 1GB at N100 on Airtel. On the whole, in this article, you will learn How to subscribe to the Airtel Night plan, the Airtel night browsing code, and the Airtel night data subscription.

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Free Airtel Night Browsing Plan 2023

Airtel night browsing can help you browse any website and app. Additionally, the night data plan can also be used to download videos from the internet, download music, and stream online. Thus, the Airtel night data is normal data as just the normal data you are using.

As Airtel is one of the popular and easy-to-use networks in Nigeria which is why many people in the country are using it. Furthermore, based on the NCC reports collected by Hausa Cinema in 2023, Airtel is the second of the most used networks in Nigeria in 2023 following MTN. There has been an increase in the number of Airtel users every day. That’s because of their cheap data subscription, airtime prices, 4G network speed, and other exciting offers.

Thus, if you are part of Airtel’s users there are some secret codes you need to know. This will help you in using and managing the line easily (getting more bonuses and offers).

Airtel Night Browsing Plan 2023

Airtel Night Sub

Firstly, for you to fully enjoy this service, you have to migrate to the Smart TRYBE tariff plan. On Airtel Smart Trybe 2.0 you can make calls to all Nigerian networks at 11 kobos per second all day (11k/sec).

To migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe, Dial *412# and reply with number 1. Finally, you are now on Smart TRYBE 2.0, and you will be enjoying amazing features and special data offers for free (No charge for the migration, the migration charge is free.) Learn more about Airtel SmaryTrybe.

How To Subscribe to Airtel Night Plan

To Subscribe to the Airtel night Plan dial *412# and send. You will be directed to the Airtel Night plan menu, and reply with option 3 ‘Night Browsing’ (250MB at N25).

The code for the Airtel night browsing plan is *412#. Dialing this code will give you three options where you can buy the Airtel night data at the rate of N100 per 1GB. And also, the Airtel night data can only be used from 12 am to 5 am daily. In contrast, you can only use the Airtel night plan four times a day (that means you can only purchase 2GB of data per day.

How To Check Airtel Night Data Balance

To check your Airtel night plan data balance; go to messages and send a text ‘Status’ to 141 as a message. You will receive your night data balance in a few seconds.

You can also use the second method to check your Airtel night data balance by directly dialing *140# and sending. A pop-up message will appear telling you to wait for a new message. A new message will be sent containing your remaining data balance. But, sometimes it is hard to get your Airtel night data balance using this method; you will just be receiving your main subscription data balance. So instead, use the first method which is by sending a message.


How Can I Get 1GB For 100 Night Plan Airtel?

To get a 1GB for 100-night plan on Airtel you must first need to be on the SmartTrybe tariff plan. And then dial *412# to buy. The plan is only available between 12 am to 5 am daily.

How Can I Get Airtel Night Data?

To get Airtel Night Data simply dial *412# on your phone. And then reply with option 3 (Night Browsing). The Night Data will automatically be purchased at 250MB.

How Can I Use Airtel 50 Naira Night Plan?

To use the 50 Naira on the Airtel night plan, you just need to purchase the data plan twice. By dialing *412# and replying with option 3 two times.

What Is The Airtel Night Plan Time?

The Airtel night plan time is between 12 am (midnight) and 5 am (morning). Once the time has passed after the subscription, your data plan will expire and cannot be a rollover.

How To Get Airtel Unlimited Night Plan?

To get the Airtel unlimited night plan dial on your phone *412# and reply with option 3 which is ‘Night Browsing’ at 250MB per N25,  Repeat this four times (If exhausted use another Airtel line).

In Conclusion

Finally, that’s all we have in the article Airtel Night Data Plan, hope you have learned a lot. To get more of our technical and how-to8 articles browse our technology category and explore more for free. Additionally, if you have any thoughts, addition, questions, or any other queries on the Airtel night plan subscription, how to check Airtel night data balance, and other related queries, feel free to ask using the comment box below.

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